zephyr sweater pattern

I’m about halfway through my first sweater. This is a pattern by Zephyr Style. It’s a great pattern for a first sweater, because it’s fast and not too monotonous. The woman who sold it to me at Twisted in Portland, OR, told me that the sizes ran big, so I knit a size small. The measurements matched up, I even knit a swatch this time to make sure my gauge was right – all this and it looks like it will barely fit a petit 5-year-old. My other disappointment is with the change in yarn colors – I guess that’s a risk of working with hand-dyed yarn, but now there’s a big line running through the middle of my chest. I’m not giving up. Going to see it through to the end, maybe it’ll all work out. But I’m starting to worry that this will another one for the bottom of the knitting basket. Pillow filling?